Disrupt Fit for Fall Challenge


Starts October 16th - Assessments start Friday Oct 11th

 Let's prepare for the 60 Day Fit For Fall Challenge!

The 60-day challenge is what it's all about, we are going to build, shred, and lean out!

The 60 Day Fit For Fall Challenge will run 10/16-12/15! We will doing  assessments of where you’re starting so you can track your progress over  the full 60 days! SIGN UP ON MINDBODY THIS WEEK! Assessments will be  done during specific times between 10/11 and 10/13!

You will also receive an exclusive calendar meant to help document your  progress and encourage you throughout the 60 days with special  exercises that can be done outside the gym. You will be able to  participate in special raffles and win prizes, and attend special events  and workshops!

$30 to participate!

Make sure you have enough classes and sign up TODAY on MINDBODY! Let’s make CHANGE happen before the Winter Holidays!