March Challenge is Disrupt Madness


March Challenge is Disrupt Madness


Let's get into the season of friendly competition, with the added benefit of continuing your health and fitness goals!
Disrupt Fitness "March Madness" runs March 1st – March 31st. Individuals sign up for  challenge on the sign up sheet at Disrupt. Once names are in,  individuals will be divided into two teams: Team Kathy and Team Lance.  Teams will be determined by the Disrupt Staff.

Each week, you  will have a new Challenge to complete individually. Every Sunday, the  new Challenge for the week will be posted, with prizes given out the  following Monday.  With each task completed, you will receive raffle tickets. For example,  1 Disrupt Card handed out = 2 raffle tickets. Raffles will take place  each week.

Grand Prize! At the end of the Challenge, one team  will be the winner. Each winning team member will be able to enter all  of their raffle tickets earned into the Grand Prize Drawing at our fun  celebration! So it’s important to cheer your team members on for your  chance to win big!

SEE FLYER POSTED IN GYM FOR MORE DETAILS! Including Weekly Challenge and Prize Breakdown.