Disrupt Fitness Gym began in Kathy's garage in December of 2016. Growth came quickly, prompting Kathy and Lance to open the current facility in Berkley, MI. 

The constant dedication to provide an exciting, safe and inspiring place to achieve your fitness goals is felt by all clients, who voted Disrupt Fitness Gym the 2018 and 2019 Favorite Local Gym by NextDoor. 

Meet Our Trainers

Kathy C.


Owner and Senior Trainer

 Prior to opening Disrupt Fitness Gym, Kathy had been a leader in the fitness  industry for almost a decade. However, it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that she decided the time had come to take it to the next level, leading to certifications in group and personal training through AFAA, as well as prenatal training.   

Having MS while being an instructor has allowed Kathy to not only push past places she'd been told she would never physically reach, but has  provided her with the gift of offering encouragement while walking through different adversities with her clients.  She loves what she does, for there is nothing better than helping others reach their goals, and watching people become stronger and healthier!   

Lance W.


Owner and Trainer

A fitness junky since high school hockey and football, circuit training was a natural for Lance. Designing high cardio and weight training circuits for himself since his 20s, his style evolved to couple with the science advocating high intensity training as the best way to stay fit, control weight and build cardiovascular strength. 

Fast forward to 2015, Lance met Kathy (in a gym, go figure) in a circuit training class Kathy was leading. Always thinking Kathy's innovative approach to fitness was unique, Lance was thrilled when Disrupt Fitness Gym was born, and to play such an integral role in it.

Lance is currently studying for his AFFA Group Fitness Instructor certification. 

Kara D.



Before training at Disrupt Fitness Gym, Kara always had a passion for leading an active and balanced lifestyle. She enjoyed a variety of workouts prior to discovering that high intensity circuit training provided both the physical and mental benefits she was looking for. So it was no surprise when the workout at Disrupt hooked her immediately. 

In addition to the killer workouts, she fell in love with the positive and friendly  community that encourages everyone to do their absolute best and crush their fitness goals. Driven by helping others reach their fullest potential, it wasn't long before Kara elevated her passion to teaching! 

Kara is working on obtaining her AFAA Group Fitness Instructor certification. 

Kathryn O.



Kathryn's active lifestyle began in school, naturally transitioning to her role as captain of the Princeton crew team. After college, however, Kathryn found herself at a loss, unsure of where her love of fitness would take her. She missed the structure and the drive drawn from teammates. Not to mention the relief of being able to have someone to tell you what to do! And at that crossroad she found circuit  training. More specifically, Disrupt Fitness Gym. 

There was an instant love with how efficient the Disrupt workout is; the mix of cardio and weight training, all in-and-out in an hour! So much so that Kathryn decided to become a trainer, using her passion for the workout to help others reach their goals, and have fun while doing it!