Meet Our Trainers

Kathryn O'Connell


Kathryn has been active all her life, beginning with team sports in high school, which quickly expanded into running. So  it was a natural transition to continue her fitness lifestyle in  college where she was captain of the Princeton crew team. She loved to  push her body and work with the team to see how fast they could make  that boat go. However, post-college, she found herself at a loss with  working out and where her love of it would take her. She wanted to stay  fit, but no longer had those strict goals to keep her motivated. She  soon came to realize that she missed the extra push and inspiration you  get from teammates, not to mention the relief of being able to have  someone to tell you what to do, allowing you to fully immerse yourself  in the workout. It was at that crossroads when Kathryn found circuit  training. And more specifically, Disrupt Fitness. There was an instant  love with how efficient the Disrupt workout is, the mix of cardio and  weight training, all in-and-out in an hour! So much so, that Kathryn  decided to become a trainer, using her passion for the workout to help  everyone reach their goals and have fun while doing it!  

Kathy Chester

Owner and Senior Trainer

Before opening Disrupt Fitness, Kathy has been a leader fitness industry for almost a decade. Her experience started out with the aerobics classes, bootcamps, and of course coaching her kid’s sports teams!  It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that she seriously decided it was time to take her teaching to the next level and become certified in both group and personal fitness training through AFAA, then pursuing certification in prenatal training as well.    Having MS while being an instructor has allowed her to not only push herself past places she has been told physically she couldn’t reach, but has allowed her to encourage and walk through different adversities with her clients.  She loves what she does, helping others reach their goals., watching people become stronger and healthier!  

Brianna Slater

Trainer and Marketing

Brianna began her fitness journey as a runner, exploring yoga and spinning after an injury kept her from running for months. It was during that time that she truly understood the benefit of cross training, permanently changing her outlook on fitness. From that point on, she tried everything, from barre to Pilates to kickboxing, so it was only a matter of time before circuit training was added into the mix. She not only finds working out therapeutic, but loves how inspiring it can be for others and the sense of friendly competition that pushes each individual to be their best self. She considers herself very fortunate to have found a great home at Disrupt Fitness, both as a member of the tight knit community and for the inspiration it provided her to take her passion to the next level and become an instructor. She is currently working towards gaining her AFAA certification, and looks forward to continuing her growth in the field.