Disrupt Fitness Testimonial Video



Amanda P.

This is the result at Disrupt Fitness Gym with community, hard work and trainers that care!

My fitness journey started several years ago. I've always been a membership junky! I'd hop from gym to gym, and the minute I didn't see any results or get bored I'd try the next fitness center. I moved to Royal Oak and found my way to Disrupt Fitness. After my first FREE visit, Kathy and Lance already knew my name. The workout couldn't get "boring," even if you tried. So much so, that over a year after joining I quit all of my other memberships and even continue their workout routine in my basement on the days I cannot make it there (being a mom and working full time, not always easy making a lot of classes).

In one month of purely focusing on the Disrupt routine, I am getting the results I have been waiting for years to see! Disrupt makes you feel like family, all while pushing you to limits you wouldn't have thought you'd reach. I am truly grateful for this community :) The energy and atmosphere makes working out fun! I still have a lot of progress ahead, but I am okay with that since I truly enjoy working out now! 


Ted S.

I've always been a runner and lifted weights, but the core strength I have gained since joining Disrupt Fitness Gym is noticeable in both my overall health and fitness, but also in my running. I'm faster on my runs than I've ever been, and have that extra strength I've strived to achieve that running alone just wasn't providing. The full body workout at Disrupt Fitness is a game changer to achieve your goals.


Jennifer B.

I started working out at Disrupt Fitness Gym after a friend recommended the high intensity classes last year. I love the small class sizes and personal coaching throughout. Shortly after joining, I signed up for a half marathon. The instructors pushed me harder on the treadmill and gave me great advice. At the time of the half marathon, I was 4 months pregnant with my second child. The instructors modified my workouts  making sure I was staying safe, but still getting amazing workouts. Continuing the workouts at Disrupt during my pregnancy helped me stay healthy and fit and made for a quick recovery. I  look forward to the challenging workouts with awesome trainers each week.   

The "After Pic" is 2 weeks after baby!!