The Work Out

Disrupt You Routine

At Disrupt Fitness we are looking to DISRUPT your current routine, confuse your muscles and charge up your metabolism. Each 55-minute circuit training workout is designed with specific benefits in mind and we encourage you to try all formats. 

What doesn’t CHALLENGE you, doesn’t CHANGE you!

Monday: Kick Start Kardio

Monday’s are designed to jumpstart your metabolism and get your heart pumping! This is a high intensity workout that incorporates lighter weights, bands and your own body weight.  If you are looking for a way to keep your heart rate up and go for a maximum calorie burn, then this class is for you.   

Tuesday: Heavy Weights

Be ready to lift some heavy weights during your circuit workout on Tuesdays ! The class also includes several cardio exercises to keep that heart rate elevated and your body guessing. Heavy weights = lean muscle! Don’t worry ladies; you can’t bulk up doing these workouts.  

Wednesday: Lower Body

A workout that is completely focused on the lower part of the body - abs, glutes and legs! This workout targets muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen so the entire system works together for improved balance and stability. Balance and stability are crucial for sports and every day activities.  A few cardio stations are thrown in for good measure.  

Thursday: 2 Minute Intervals

The Famous Disrupt Fitness Circuit with a twist.  We have you focus on each station for 2 Minutes.  Each station features a change at the one minute mark, either in weight or in the exercise, which includes the treadmills for intense cardio.  This maximizes the effect of each exercise and each muscle group and continues to confuse your muscles.  Offering variety to never let you plateau.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Full Body Fun

Don’t let the weekend be your weak end! This class is programmed to hit every major muscle group and to keep you entertained while working hard – think party music, member music requests and a few surprises to keep you laughing. You won’t be bored with these stations!